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Far right UKIP supporters involved in attack on Bookmarks shop 

6 Aug 18

Pictured above is one of the main protagonists of the far right assault on Bookmarks bookshop, which took place on Saturday afternoon, in central London.

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Football Lads Alliance and ‘Democratic’ Football Lads Alliance merge as Islamophobic street movement develops 

14 Jun 18

DFLA supporters shout at anti-racists during a march in Birmingham The Football Lads Alliance and their erstwhile split, the ‘Democratic’ FLA, have merged after being cut out from the far-right street movement around Tommy Robinson.

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Racist Football Lads Alliance ponder folding into the far right DFLA 

12 Jun 18

In a move which has been on the cards for some time, the declining fortunes of the Football Lads Alliance (FLA) have led to the FLA setting up an online poll asking supporters whether they should fold and merge into the larger Democratic FLA, below.

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Updated- Fascist and racist criminal Tommy Robinson jailed for 13 months 

29 May 18

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) welcomes the jailing of the former English Defence League (EDL) founder, Tommy Robinson, nee Stephen Lennon.

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Far right, UKIP & Tommy Robinson looking to forge path forward; time to build resistance 

8 May 18

(pic – Guy Smallman) Various strands of the far right and openly fascist groups assembled in central London, last Sunday.

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UAF statement on conviction of neo nazi, Ethan Stables 

5 Feb 18

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) welcomes the conviction of Ethan Stables, above, a nazi sympathiser, who wanted to enact a terror attack at a lesbian and gay pride night, in Cumbria.

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Nazi National Action – six appear in Westminster Magistrates court 

9 Jan 18

Five men and one woman have appeared in court, in central London, charged with membership of the banned, nazi group, National Action.

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Fascist Britain First look to incite Islamophobia after Parsons Green attack 

16 Sep 17

Following the appalling terror attack in Parsons Green, in London, the fascist and anti Muslim group Britain First,(BF) have again tried to inflame Islamophobia.

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After National Action/army terror charges, anti-fascists call for greater scrutiny of far-right terrorism 

12 Sep 17

PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   After National Action/army terror charges, anti-fascists call for greater scrutiny of far-right terrorism Anti-fascists have responded to the charges laid againsttwo soldiers in the British army, (and a …

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Four alleged members of Nazi, National Action, arrested on terror charges 

5 Sep 17

National Action members ducking for cover from anti fascists, in Liverpool, 2015 British soldiers are among four alleged members of the proscribed Nazi group, National Action, who have been arrested on suspicion of preparing acts of terrorism.

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After Charlottesville, let’s drive back the Nazi menace 

15 Aug 17

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) continue to hold a number of vigils/protests in solidarity with U S anti fascists,against the shocking scenes of Nazis marching in Charlottesville on Saturday, which saw anti fascist, Heather Heyer killed and many injured …

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Charlottesville – a terrible warning – UAF statement 

13 Aug 17

Antifascists  will send solidarity to Charlottesville tomorrow night at the U S Embassy The death of Heather Heyer and the assault on anti fascists in Charlottesville at the hands of James Fields is the shocking result of Donald Trumps America.

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Protest against fascist Britain First, Rochdale, July 22 

15 Jul 17

Pictured below, alongside Paul Golding, leader of the fascist group, Britain First, is Jason Marriner, (blue shirt) an ex Combat 18 fascist thug and convicted football hooligan.

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Protest – no to fascist Britain First in Rochdale – July 22 

5 Jul 17

Unite Against Fascism – Rochdale Unity Statement – No to fascist Britain First! We, the undersigned, support the protest – organised by Unite Against Fascism, trades unionists and others – in opposition to the intrusion by the fascist …

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EDL seen off in London by anti fascists, but no room for complacency 

24 Jun 17

A small and pathetic group of fascists, the English Defence League, were barely able to mobilise in central London, today.

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Birmingham unites against fascist Britain First 

24 Jun 17

 Unite Against Fascism and other anti-fascists halted fascist Britain First’s attempt to march, unhindered, through  Birmingham to spread their Islamophobia today.

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After Finsbury Park attack, solidarity with Muslim brothers & sisters – No to the fascist EDL & Britain First! 

19 Jun 17

Anti fascists will be shocked and appalled at the Islamophobic attack by a man who used a van to mow down Muslims leaving late evening prayers from London’s Finsbury Park Mosque and the Muslim Welfare House, late, last night .

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Oppose fascist & Islamophobic Britain First – Birmingham – June 24th 

14 Jun 17

The Islamophobic and fascist sect, Britain First, plan to visit the city of Birmingham June 24th.

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Manchester opposes ex EDL leader, Robinson’s racist march 

12 Jun 17

Mancunian anti-racists came out to oppose a national demonstration led by ex-EDL leader ‘Tommy Robinson’ and other racists in Manchester on Sunday.

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Merseyside says No to the fascist EDL – this Saturday 

31 May 17

Support continues to grow for Merseyside Unite Against Fascism’s protest against the fascist English Defence League’s (EDL) planned demonstration,  in Liverpool, on 3rd June.

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Fascist Britain First ‘postpone’ Birmingham demonstration, after arrests of leaders 

15 May 17

The notorious fascist group Britain First have said they are ‘postponing’ their demonstration in Birmingham, scheduled for June 3rd.

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Forthcoming UAF mobilisations against EDL & Britain First – Birmingham & Liverpool 

12 May 17

The far right in the UK is marginal, fragmented and small.

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Anti fascist events – Demonstrate/Rally! Stop Le Pen, stop fascist splinter groups 

12 Apr 17

The far right in the UK  is isolated, exemplified by the extraordinary support given to Saffiyah Khan, following the famous picture of her standing up to the fascist English Defence League (EDL ) leader, Crossland, last Saturday in Birmingham.

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EDL humbled in Birmingham, another fascist flop 

10 Apr 17

The picture above, has gone viral.

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Birmingham UAF Demonstration/Rally – No to the fascist EDL 

7 Apr 17

Birmingham Unite Against Fascism are organising a demonstration and rally in the city centre, tomorrow, Saturday.

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‘I’ve never seen a save like it!’: Arthur Wharton the first black professional footballer 

7 Oct 16

Arthur Wharton Despite being the world’s first black professional footballer and an amazing athlete Arthur Wharton died a forgotten man.

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Birmingham & the March on Washington: ‘They showed the world that they were inhuman brutes‘ 

14 Jul 16

Martin Luther King (front near the left) on the March on Washington in August 1963 (photo: Library of Congress) In the sixth part of our history of the US Civil Rights movement, Ken Olende looks at the movement’s peak year   with the campaign in …

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LGBT+ solidarity with victims of Orlando 

14 Jul 16

The LGBT Against Islamophobia banner on the Soho vigil by Sue Caldwell, LGBT+ Against Islamophobia From Unity, anti-racist and anti-fascist magazine July-August 2016, issue 16.

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Trade Unionists for Calais: Friendships built in a horrible place that was made beautiful 

11 Jul 16

Migrants and volunteers gathered in solidarity in the Jungle camp in Calais (Pic: Geoff Dexter) Around 60 trade unionists from Britain spent seven days in the so-called Jungle camp near Calais during February.

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The fascists’ latest protests are vicious, but also tiny and divided 

10 Jul 16

by Ken Olende From Unity, anti-racist and anti-fascist magazine March-April 2016 / issue 14 Until recently Nazis in Britain were trying to maintain a respectable cover.

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Freedom Rides: ‘We couldn’t let the racists think massive violence would stop us ‘ 

5 Jun 16

The Freedom Riders’ Greyhound bus ablaze near Anniston, Alabama, after it was firebombed by a racist mob (Picture: Library of Congress) Ken Olende looks at the Freedom Riders’ heroic struggle to force Southern states to desegregate long distance …

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Join the local mobilisations against tiny, but vicious planned fascist rallies 

1 Mar 16

Swastika drawn by Nazis on St Georges Hall in Liverpool last weekend Since the collapse of the BNP and the virtual death of the English Defence League, as a result of broad anti-fascist work, Nazi splinter-groups are trying to have an impact round …

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Tommy Robinson’s Pegida flops in Birmingham 

11 Feb 16

Salma Yaqoob and Jeremy Corbyn Birmingham UAF outnumbered a motley crew of ex-EDL thugs who made up the 200 strong mobilisation of Tommy Robinson’s new hate venture, Pegida UK.

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No To Pegida! Unite Against Racism, Fascism and Islamophobia 12pm Sat 6 Feb Victoria Sq 

2 Feb 16

Pegida UK is an Islamophobic movement who aim to recreate the hatred of their allies elsewhere in Europe.

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Dudley festival shows unity against Britain First 

11 May 15

Hundreds of people attended a Unity Festival in Dudley to show opposition to the fascists of Britain First on Saturday 9 May.

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Stand up to racism and fascism Demo 21 March 2015 

24 Feb 15

NATIONAL DEMO AGAINST RACISM FASCISM Saturday 21 March Assemble 12pm BBC Portland Place, Central London Organised by Stand Up To Racism From Germany to Greece to Ferguson, people who want a society free from racism are saying no more.

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Report: Hundreds say no to Le Pen in Oxford! Never Again! 

9 Feb 15

Around 400 protesters protested last Thursday evening against the Oxford Union invitation to Marine Le Pen.

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Report: After France: Unity – no to fascism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia – defend civil liberties public meeting 

31 Jan 15

Yesterday’s Parliamentary meeting made a powerful statement of unity against racism, Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism, defending civil liberties.

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Report: Tackling Islamophobia – Roundtable event at Parliament 

21 Nov 14

UAF and Mend held a joint event to discuss how to combat the rise in Islamophobia in Parliament.

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UAF National Conference 21 Feb 2015, Central London 

22 Oct 14

UAF conference is a timely opportunity to discuss how the EDL is attempting to rebuild itself by stirring up Islamophobia and racism, build UN anti-racism day demo, and host discussions on campaigning against UKIP and mainstream parties concessions …

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Birmingham bar should reject the racist EDL 

9 Oct 14

Birmingham Unite Against Fascism have become aware that the management of Bar Risa of Broad Street in Birmingham may have advised their multicultural workforce that only white staff should work when they host the EDL on Saturday.

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UAF National Conference 21 Feb 2015, Central London 

9 Oct 14

UAF conference is a timely opportunity to discuss how the EDL is attempting to rebuild itself by stirring up Islamophobia and racism, build UN anti-racism day demo, and host discussions on campaigning against UKIP and mainstream parties concessions …

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Roger Godsiff MP, Jack Dromey MP, trade unions & Salma Yaqoob sign anti-EDL statement 

2 Oct 14

WE ARE BIRMINGHAM – DON’T LET THE EDL DIVIDE OUR COMMUNITIES Saturday 11 October 2014, 11am Victoria Square, Birmingham Statement We, the undersigned, condemn the decision by the English Defence League (EDL) to come to Birmingham on Saturday …

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EDL not welcome – Don’t let the racists divide us 

30 Sep 14

The fascist English Defence League (EDL) has called a demonstration in Birmingham on Saturday 11 October.

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Autumn 2014 edition of Unity magazine now available 

27 Sep 14

The autumn 2014 edition of UAF and the  National Union of Teachers ‘ Unity magazine is now available.

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Over 400 people stand up to UKIP, racism & fascism 

20 Jun 14

Over 400 people attended the After the Euro elections: stand up to UKIP, racism and fascism conference.

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Pull the plug on fascist thugs – No BNP on the licence fee 

29 Apr 14

The British National Party’s (BNP) party political broadcast is scheduled to take place tonight Phone the BBC on 03700 100 222 or visit http://www.

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Speakers announced for Stand up to racism – 22 March Demo and Rally 

18 Feb 14

New Speakers: Diane Abbott MP, Natalie Bennett (The Green Party), Jerry Dammers, Farooq Murad (Secretary General – Muslim Council of Britain), Mohammad Taj (TUC President) and Ava Vidal (Comedian) Rally and Demo marking UN Anti-Racism Day 11am…

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Mass demonstration against EDL this Saturday! 

4 Sep 13

Thousands of people are expected to turn out in Tower Hamlets this Saturday to oppose the racist English Defence League (EDL).

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Attack on Harlow mosque: Essex UAF call emergency meeting 

28 Aug 13

In the latest attack on muslims since the murder of Lee Rigby in May, a mosque and Islamic centre in Harlow, Essex has been subjected to an attempted arson attack.

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EDL not welcome in Tower Hamlets 

24 Jul 13

The fascist English Defence League (EDL) has announced plans to demonstrate in East London on Saturday 7 September.

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Manics consider legal action against EDL 

17 Jul 13

The Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers is considering legal action against the EDL for using the song “If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next” to promote its Birmingham demo.

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Oppose EDL in Birmingham 

17 Jul 13

The English Defence League (EDL) has announced its intention to demonstrate in Birmingham this Saturday 20 July.

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EDL exposed for violence in Central London demonstration 

28 May 13

Hundreds of anti-fascists formed part of the Unite Against Fascism presence outside Downing Street on Monday 27 May.

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BNP defeated – next stop Euro 2014 elections 

10 May 13

Yesterday’s Longbridge By-election result saw the BNP candidate finish last with a mere 37 votes.

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West Midlands Unite Against Fascism Conference Sat 20 April 

15 Apr 13

Stopping the Rise of Racism and Fascism, Defending Multi-Culturalism registration from 9:30 am 10 am – 1 p.