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What Is Villa’s Future? 

7 Jun 18

Following the very recent and unwelcome gleanings concerning finances at Aston Villa, I have to say that it was completely absurd that the chairman should take the financial and managerial gamble he did over the last 2 years.

Villa’s State of Affairs Right Now 

6 Jun 18

Wow, what a pickle Villa are in.

The Potential For Season 2018-19 – As It Stands 

5 Jun 18

The Birmingham Mail reveals that the following players are either gone, going or could be on their way soon or by June 2019.

Steve Bruce 

30 May 18

The fact is there are a number of Villa fans that will find a reason to want Bruce out no matter what.

Let’s Not Forget That Defeat Can Be Turned Into Something Better 

27 May 18

Perhaps it’s all a blessing in disguise.

You Need Two Legs To Stand On! 

6 May 18

I’ve not written anything for awhile.

Time Is A Killer 

19 Mar 18

One of the reasons why we needed a win on Saturday was to restore some confidence ahead of the international break.

The Bounce-back Starts … Now! 

16 Mar 18

Whoops! Well, this is the Villa isn’t it? We were lured into a sense of us becoming ready for automatic promotion but, clearly, the Wolves triumph must have launched the Villa players into such a state of well-being that they could not come…

Onwards We Go … And Upwards? 

12 Mar 18

Well, what a week-end, and what a match that was.

The Big Push 

28 Feb 18

Last weekend Villa gained what looked like an unlikely win at Wednesday’s ground and thereby got some suitable payback.

We Probably Mustn’t Get Too Complacent, But… 

14 Feb 18

It’s at the Tesco supermarket in a no-mans-land area of Brum that you’ll find the wisdom source of how things are in this city.

Warming Up For Small Heath’s Attendance 

7 Feb 18

Back in the nervous days of autumn a number were asking the question “how on earth can we get promotion [with Bruce in charge]?”, but I thought that as the season progressed it would all come together and in time we would see the play improve…

Here’s Hoping That Villa Stay Sharp Against The Blades! 

24 Jan 18

Well, we wait …

The New Year Seems To Bring Hope 

16 Jan 18

We hoped for a Happy New Year, and that’s what’s been delivered – so far at least.

‘Posh’ Though The Visitors May Be, the Villa Should Not Stand On Ceremony 

3 Jan 18

Well, after a win on New Year’s Day that must surely have prompted delusions of grandeur amongst Villa fans, the visit of a mid-table third-tier side this Saturday should present little difficulty, right? Well, let caution prevail: once upon…

Any Christmas Cheer? 

24 Dec 17

Well, I now have to admit that I cannot see Villa gaining automatic promotion this season.

Are Villa On A Roll? 

3 Dec 17

My last post was just after the defeat at home at the hands (and feet) of Wednesday.

How Do We Play It Next Week? 

10 Nov 17

Well, one week since that home defeat against Wednesday, and one week away from the continuation of league hostilities following the international break.

A Tactically Correct Move? 

24 Oct 17

An oldie like me usually looks at the importance given to tactics with some disdain.

Torn Apart By The Wolves, But Was It A One-off? 

16 Oct 17

Yes, we lost against a good-looking Wolves attack on Saturday, without a doubt.

New Book : The Villa Way, 1874~1944 

8 Oct 17

“The Story of What Made Villa Special”From the very words of George Ramsay, Fred Rinder and other early architects and supporters of the great Club, published in newspapers of long ago, this book brings to light the character of those early…

One Year After… 

4 Oct 17

On October 12, Steve Bruce will celebrate his first year in managerial charge at Aston Villa.

Plus Points To Consider 

14 Sep 17

It’s a curious thing that over 100 years ago if there was one criticism due to the formidable Villa sides of those days, it was that they failed to convert enough chances into goals.

Family Stability Is Needed 

17 Aug 17

We seem to spend all our time in blaming the manager, but are we thus saying that we have confidence in the players to do their job properly? I feel we are expecting too much from players who are these days cossetted and made to feel as though…

From A Jack To A King? 

16 Jul 17

While pre-season matches are nothing much to get excited about (especially the early ones) the fans are eager to take a look at what the current set of players can do.

A Remarkable Villa Fan’s Story 

1 May 17

Peter McParland MBE, who scored the two goals in Villa’s memorable 2-1 triumph over Manchester United in the 1957 FA Cup Final, will be joining blind super-supporter John Flanner MBE to celebrate the launch of John’s compelling book about …

The Return Of The Cult Hero? 

26 Apr 17

Where once alchemy was regarded as the means towards the creation of gold, the invention of football generated a new means of obtaining gold: the football hero! Yes, for one game at least, Gabby has achieved cult status with his near-cameo…

Wanted: This Summer To Arrive 

20 Apr 17

Randy Lerner physically departed less than 12 months ago, but he was spiritually absent well before that.

There’s Always Tomorrow! 

12 Apr 17

In these days of gnashing of teeth and of wondering when Villa’s next triumphs are going to arrive (if ever!), I’ve been thinking back to days of yore when Villa fans of the time were wondering the same thing.

Are Villa Getting Onto A Roll? 

17 Mar 17

Well, four wins out of five matches, with the latest win against Wednesday being the most satisfactory, I am just amazed that the game went as it did, Villa having survived two further injuries and a big penalty call, early on.

Chances To Gain Two Sets Of Stripes? 

5 Mar 17

They’re coming thick and fast, these Championship matches.

A Derby With Derby 

23 Feb 17

It’s been nearly 10 years since Derby last visited Villa Park, and you have to look to 10 years before that to find a Derby success at VP.

Watch Out Clark; The Villans Are Coming! 

16 Feb 17

Well, there’s a to-do.

The Season’s Over Then? 

4 Feb 17

The end of the world has come it would seem: gloom, gloom, yet more gloom! Yet any gloom usually turns to light, so I am assuming we are going to see light – and plenty of it – when matters sort themselves out.

All Shoulders To The Pump, Now… 

28 Jan 17

Well, this has been a 10-day period of transfer action …

Will Preston Bring An ‘End’ To The Strike Dilemma? 

19 Jan 17

We are well into the third week of the transfer ‘window’, and still there’s no sign of reinforcements arriving.

Many Reasons Not To Cry Wolf! 

11 Jan 17

It is closing in on 2 years since we last set eyes on Paul Lambert at Villa Park, but here we are about to face him and his latest charges, the Wolves.

vs Spurs (in the FA Cup) 

7 Jan 17

People will probably think there’s only going to be one team in this contest, but they thought that, too, in 1971, when Villa were still in the old Third Division! Inevitably, I suppose, the thoughts of the older ones will drift back to that…

Capital Opportunities To Make Headway? 

1 Jan 17

A warm New Year’s greeting to all prior to the first game of 2017, a year in which we hope to see Villa return to the top-flight! And there’s every chance we can reach the play-offs: I do not see it being that difficult to achieve that part…

Something’s A-Brewin’! 

24 Dec 16

Our sparring partners for the Boxing Day fixture happens to be a club that we have never before met in the league: Burton Albion.

Wow! What A Year! 

20 Dec 16

What a year! As we approach the half-way mark in our first season out of the top-flight for 29 years there’s a certain amount of misfiring of the cylinders, but at least Aston Villa has started winning some games again, a feature we’ve seen…

When Necessity Raises Its Head… 

15 Dec 16

The honeymoon with Brucie went pop on that night at Leeds.

A Time To Get Back On Track? 

8 Dec 16

Amazingly, the defeat last week at Leeds brought out quite a lot of frustration in many Villa fans, they seeming to think that all is wrong still at the club.

Villa Have No Intention Of Being Led By Leeds! 

30 Nov 16

I have no doubt that Leeds is a wonderful city, but why is it that over the last 100 years the city has been associated with more football irregularities than any other place? It’s about that length of time ago that the Leeds City club went…

Bluebird Pie For Dinner This Saturday? 

23 Nov 16

Cardiff are up ‘ere on Saturday.

Seagulls, Crabs … It All Sounds A Bit Fishy! 

15 Nov 16

It’s always worthwhile to take a trip to Brighton.

Blackburn’s a-Rovin’ to Villa Park! Will it be their ru-i-n? 

2 Nov 16

Two great clubs from a different era meet this week-end, and since the Villa are playing Blackburn, it could be that Rudi is licking his lips!   We’ve won 65, drawn 33 and lost 58 of our 156 previous encounters, and the last two home encounters…

We Won! 

19 Oct 16

An away win at last.

Di Matteo Has Gone! Will Another Manager Make Any Difference? 

3 Oct 16

“Results have gone awry! We must sack the manager!” That has been an all too-common cry of frustration from fans for the last 50 years, often egged-on by the media.

You can’t please everyone … can you? 

19 Sep 16

“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Will The Doc’s Surgery Heal The Wound? 

1 Sep 16

The one thing that the previous owner of Aston Villa finally succeeded in doing was to transform 30,000+ Brummies into being totally miserable while at the same time putting grins on the faces of the fans of the local opposition.

Isn’t It All About Caring – Or Is That An Old-Fashioned View? 

2 Aug 16

Well, a new campaign is about to start, Aston Villa emerging (we hope) from perhaps the bleakest period in the club’s history.

A Sign Of Sunshine Arriving 

15 Jul 16

The weather forecast seems to indicate a raising of the temperature fairly soon, and with that news comes the information from Villa Park that “Ian Taylor and Brian Little have held a meeting with chief executive Keith Wyness to discuss how…

The Media Isn’t What It Was 

29 Jun 16

I don’t like to remind about the old Villa motto: “Prepared”.

When The Grass Was Perhaps Greener 

28 May 16

Waiting for Doctor Xia as the king-elect of Villa Park (er, Lotus Park) to be crowned is a little stressful, as is the appointment of a new team manager, but surely the stress of the last 6 years has been greater! Perhaps, therefore, it may…

Is This Xia Good Fortune? 

19 May 16

Surprise, Surprise! After becoming inured to the prospect of continued prevarication in the selling of Aston Villa and therefore the chance of reverting the downward spiral, up pops something that – at first glance – seems to be everything…

A New Beginning Awaits! 

12 May 16

It was Winnie, of course, who made this statement after El Alamein: “Now this is not the end.

Unravelling The Bare Bones of the Matter 

4 May 16

With Fox looking confident, Villa splashed out the £50 millions received for Benteke and Delph and sat back.

Facing A Hornet’s Nest 

29 Apr 16

Well, Villa buzz down to play the Hornets this week having already lost to them at Villa Park.

The Future CAN Be Bright! 

21 Apr 16

So, the Queen’s 90th birthday is passing and there’s been some kind of hint that she also quietly follows the (er) exploits of Aston Villa FC.