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Unravelling The Bare Bones of the Matter 

4 May 16

With Fox looking confident, Villa splashed out the £50 millions received for Benteke and Delph and sat back.

Facing A Hornet’s Nest 

29 Apr 16

Well, Villa buzz down to play the Hornets this week having already lost to them at Villa Park.

The Future CAN Be Bright! 

21 Apr 16

So, the Queen’s birthday today and some kind of hint that she also quietly follows the (er) exploits of Aston Villa FC.

The Stages Of Grief – Time To Man Up & Get Back On Track 

19 Apr 16

Years ago when I had just started with the Fire Department, we had a medical call.

A Once Proud Club Descends Into The Abyss 

16 Apr 16

And so, after many months of uncertainty, the certainty of relegation is confirmed.

The Thread By Which We Hang Will Soon Break 

11 Apr 16

What a year for the underdog! With Leicester in the footballing ascendancy we now have the previously unknown Danny Willett as the Masters’ champion at his first attempt.

Aston Villa Life Podcast – Episode 2 

7 Apr 16

Listen to the latest Aston Villa Life podcast with Matt Turvey and Dan Bardell below! http://www.

Villa’s Position: Isn’t The Reason Academic? 

4 Apr 16

Would you believe it: Leicester City seem about to grasp the top tier title for the first time in their history.

The Light Dims As Aston Villa Prepare To Fade To Black 

2 Apr 16

With Remi Garde gone, there was a change in the dugout.

A Change Of Manager But Will It Mean Any Change Of Fortune? 

30 Mar 16

And so after just a few short months, the reign of Remi Garde is over.

Divided We Fall; United We Stand! 

23 Mar 16

As a customer I generally know when I go into a shop that what I purchase will fulfil my expectations.

There’s Only One Way To Go From The Bottom 

15 Mar 16

Well, you could say that the owner of the club has drilled down to the basement.

Will Spurs be Cock-a-hoop Again? 

9 Mar 16

Until two games ago, Spurs were looking unbeatable having achieved six successive wins scoring 15 goals in the process: Leicester appeared to be in serious risk of losing their top spot.

The Game Is Over 

2 Mar 16

In 2006 – 10 years ago this year – a Knight-Errant seemed to have arrived on his white charger from across the seas.

The Toffees Seem Not To Be So Sticky After All 

28 Feb 16

The visit of Everton on Tuesday comes at a time when they are (we are told) to reveal new owners.

Fearing For The Future of Aston Villa 

17 Feb 16

There seems to have been a consensus formed in agreement against the current owner, not just on this Blog, but amongst Villa supporters everywhere.

Being Played Whilst Going Down? 

16 Feb 16

Is this a case of the Fat Lady singing early? If it is she’s late and should have shown up two years ago.

Being Foxy In Chasing The Foxes 

10 Feb 16

Benteke is back! Well, actually he’s virtually passing through Villa Park on the way to another visit to Wembley, and so he and the rest of his team-mates (wanting to remain intact for the Final) might just give an opportunity to Villa…

Villa Win, but Does it Matter? 

6 Feb 16

It was hardly a vintage performance, but on the day Villa found a way to scrap three crucial points from visiting Norwich.

After That Window, Are The Lights On? 

2 Feb 16

The press headlines tell it all, don’t they? “The only signing Villa have made this month is a new chairman”; “Are the lights still on at Villa Park? If so, could they please illuminate us.

From Bright Future To Not Fearing Relegation? 

18 Jan 16

So, in ten years the slogan has gone from “Proud Heritage, Bright Future” to “Aston Villa do not the fear the consequences of relegation from the Premier League”.

The New Aston Villa Life Podcast – Episode 1 

15 Jan 16

Hi everyone, I recorded a new podcast with Dan Bardell (Birmingham Mail, AVillaFan.

Deja Vu – A New Era Just Like An Old One, This Time With Fight 

12 Jan 16

That sinking feeling is back, but because we have been so close to the drop for 5 years I suppose it could be said we’re inured to the idea.

Some More Difference Makers The Key To Progress? 

6 Jan 16

These days, trying to write anything constructive about Aston Villa Football Club is a real struggle.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Look At The Scoreboard… 

2 Jan 16

It has been a miserable season for Aston Villa and their battle with confidence is like the frustrations of Hercules.

And Now, To The Championship, Right? 

30 Dec 15

Well that’s that then.

An Open Christmas Letter To Aston Villa 

24 Dec 15

Over the past few weeks in the run up to Christmas little boys and girls all over the world will have sent their letters and wish lists off to the master of make believe Santa Claus.

Continuity The Key For Aston Villa? 

23 Dec 15

This season has been one of the most unpredictable seasons in Barclays Premier League history and approaching the festive period two burning questions fill the mind – Can Leicester City maintain their improbable and incredible run at…

A Comparison Nobody Wants? 

17 Dec 15

As Aston Villa continue to struggle for points in this dismal campaign, one comparison, that of Derby County’s 2007–08 season keeps being made.

A Trio To Save The Club? 

10 Dec 15

The dire position that Aston Villa finds itself in calls for heroes.

A Point Not Enough At St. Mary’s? 

7 Dec 15

Circumstance is one of many factors how a result should be received.

C’mon, Villa. Get Stuck In! 

4 Dec 15

While we await a Saints showdown with perhaps no small amount of trepidation, Garde has continued speaking rather plainly, if circumspectly, about Aston Villa’s deficiencies in the wake of the Watford defeat.

What Do Aston Villa Need To Survive? 

2 Dec 15

Last Saturday’s match versus Watford was so big for the the club it barely fitted into Villa Park.

Villa’s Keystone Cops Defending Undoes Them Again As They Fall at Home to Watford 

28 Nov 15

It’s beginning to look like the hand of God is working against Aston Villa, as fortuitous bounces fell the other way and Alan Hutton found his own net.

Close Your Eyes And Hope For The Best Or Time To Show Our Game Face? 

27 Nov 15

The rest of the country may have given up on us, but the fans believe we can stay up.

The Best Chance To Start To Progress? 

24 Nov 15

After a season littered with poor team selections, confusing tactics and inept performances we amazingly still find ourselves just five points adrift of Premier League safety.

Villa’s Ray of Hope Snuffed Out 

21 Nov 15

If you switched off at halftime to go do something else, you made the right call.

Various Curses and Other Things Villa. Oh, and Everton, too. 

20 Nov 15

I’ve come to hate international duty for Villans because responsibilities—and the relative importance of outcomes—to club and country don’t always coincide.

Something To Aim For? 

17 Nov 15

This Saturday’s enthralling trip to Goodison Park sees our squad looking to consolidate from their promising performance against the league leaders a week ago, but having to do so without long term internationals casualty, Jordan Amavi.

Aston Villa – The Place To Be? 

11 Nov 15

Aston Villa had a surprise in store for the visiting League leaders Manchester City on Sunday, producing their own brand of composed and fluent football.

Dwight Yorke – Don’t Blame The Managers, Blame The Board 

9 Nov 15

With a new manager in place, many are expecting change, but how much change can we expect as fans? Remi Garde certainly put a smile – OK less of a frown – on the faces of the fans with a valuable point against Manchester City, …

Got a Point My Lord, Got a Point! 

8 Nov 15

The scoreline of Rémi Garde’s first game in charge at Villa might look underwhelming.

What Can Garde Actually Do with Villa? 

7 Nov 15

Observers might wonder whether the stone-faced, newly appointed Aston Villa manager was prepared for what he saw at White Hart Lane Monday night.

A False Start Makes For A Grim Reality Check 

4 Nov 15

There was renewed vigour going into the Tottenham Hotspur match, having been buoyed that we had secured the services of former Lyon Manager Remi Garde as successor to Tim Sherwood.

Thomas Hitzlsperger – Rémi Garde’s Advantage With Villa’s French Contingent 

3 Nov 15

With a new manager in place, there’s a lot to do for Rémi Garde – Aston Villa are rock bottom of the Premier League, out of the league cup and arguably heading for relegation.

Bievenu, Rémi! 

2 Nov 15

Thought we might try and get that right since the crack Villa media team didn’t.

Tim To Take Full Responsibility For The Reality Aston Villa Face? 

28 Oct 15

Honestly Aston Villa Football Club has had better days.

New-Look Villa Pose Questions for Saints…and Everyone Else. 

28 Oct 15

Perhaps secondary to all the rampant debate about the Sherwood era and his eventual successor is the cup-tie against Southampton.

So Tim Sherwood Has Gone – Where Next For Aston Villa? 

26 Oct 15

And here I was sprawled across my bed writing this article just before the North East derby on Sunday lunchtime when that famous continuous yellow strip popped up at the bottom of my TV, ‘Sherwood leaves Aston Villa.

Calamity Villa at the Brink Again 

25 Oct 15

The picture says it all about what managing Villa will do to a man.

Villa Collapse Again—End of the Road for Sherwood? 

24 Oct 15

Well, what can you say, besides ask….

No Vision? Or No Hope? Can Tim Sherwood Survive Much Longer? 

19 Oct 15

“We’ve never been ‘in it’ this bad.

Gift-Giving Villa Just Can’t Get it Together 

17 Oct 15

In a game that had all the hallmarks of a bore draw, Villa managed to shoot themselves in both feet again today, gifting Chelsea a goal they never looked like clawing back.

Tim’s Hourglass: How Much Sand is Left? 

15 Oct 15

From brash and boisterous savior to a Paul Lambert look-alike sitting dejectedly in the dugout, Tim Sherwood is no longer the fun-loving renegade he was just a few months ago when he took the reins at Villa and inspired, if only briefly, a…

Sherwood Needs to Get Back to Basics 

9 Oct 15

A number of storylines are taking shape for Aston Villa in this campaign, and sadly, none of them are unfamiliar.

A Candidate For England But Not Who You Think? 

6 Oct 15

Richards for England, not just yet …..

A Revival With Development Potential & Optimism? Time To Show Yourselves, Aston Villa 

1 Oct 15

Jeremy Corbyn speaks of his desire for a kinder world, but he’s clearly not been to Villa Park very recently.

A Few Complications & The Route To Success Against Stoke City 

30 Sep 15

Big clubs, great clubs are always looking to the next game, never resting on their laurels or mulling over past defeats or achievements – it’s part of their winning mentality.

The Unmistakeable Rivalry & The Difference Between Winning and Losing? 

22 Sep 15

The West Midlands is a hot bed of football passion; dirty, grimy football passion.

Where Was The Derby Feeling – Is All We’re Left With Merely Hope For The Next Few? 

21 Sep 15

After the 20 minute catastrophe at Leicester the week previous I wrote ‘nothing more than a full compliment of points (against the Albion) will do’ and here we are again.