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The Art Of Captaincy 

22 May 17

I am in the act of writing a book on the Villa that has called upon a great deal of newspaper research on-line, and the downloading of many articles in their pristine state, requiring scanning and processing through Optical Character Recognition…

Villa’s Summer of Truth Is Upon Us 

18 May 17

Tony Xia talking recently about financial considerations, FFP, and a team coming together rather than throwing indiscriminate sums around in search of a solution can’t help but make a person recall the broad optimism that greeted Randy Lerner…

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Aston Villa 1-1 Brighton and Hove Albion 

9 May 17

Aston Villa sent Newcastle down once, and now they’ve helped Newcastle to a championship by digging in a man down to claw back a well-deserved 1-1 draw against league-leading Brighton and Hove Albion.

Do Villa Have Anything to Say Today? 

7 May 17

So here we are.

Is Steve Bruce In Over His Head? 

4 May 17

The headline might seem a bit of a wind-up.

The Memories Of A Remarkable Villa Fan 

2 May 17

I have the pleasure of knowing John Flanner, a remarkable Villa fan.

Match Preview: Blackburn Rovers vs. Aston Villa 

28 Apr 17

This week we take on another relegation-threatened side in Blackburn Rovers, currently sitting 22nd on 45 points, two behind Small Heath.

The Return Of The Cult Hero? 

26 Apr 17

Where once alchemy was regarded as the means towards the creation of gold, the invention of football generated a new means of obtaining gold: the football hero! Yes, for one game at least, Gabby has achieved cult status with his near-cameo…

Some Wins Are Bigger Than Others: Aston Villa 1-0 Small Heath 

24 Apr 17

A happy day at Villa Park, Sunday, as Villa, and Gabby yet again, put one over on Small Health Alliance, giving the supporters a measure of satisfaction and joy you can’t really get from any other single fixture.

Aston Villa vs. The Clowns: Match Preview 

22 Apr 17

It’s time for the Second City derby, and I’m not sure there’s much to say about this one.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Bumper 3-1 Loss Edition! 

18 Apr 17

Aston Villa slumped to a 1-3 defeat at home against Reading on Saturday, and it didn’t make for great listening—I was left a bit despondent.

Match Preview: Aston Villa vs. Reading 

15 Apr 17

Following last weekend’s draw to Burton Albion, Villa now face two sides above them in the table in quick succession: Reading at home on Saturday and Fulham away on Tuesday.

There’s Always Tomorrow! 

12 Apr 17

In these days of gnashing of teeth and of wondering when Villa’s next triumphs are going to arrive (if ever!), I’ve been thinking back to days of yore when Villa fans of the time were wondering the same thing.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Burton Albion 1-1 Aston Villa 

11 Apr 17

Dreams come and then they go.

Can Villa Close the Gap to Six? 

8 Apr 17

Today Villa travel to the Pirelli stadium to take on Burton Albion.

Aston Villa 1-0 QPR: Post-match Thoughts 

5 Apr 17

I think we’re all left scratching our heads a little bit after Villa ground out a 1-0 win against visiting Queens Park Rangers Tuesday night.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Aston Villa 2-0 Norwich City 

3 Apr 17

Well, another game, another three points, and this time it was visiting Norwich that found themselves on the wrong end of a 2-0 verdict.

Villa’s Promotion Bid? Maybe not so crazy. 

1 Apr 17

So, the international break, no pun intended, has come and gone.

Management And Coaching At Aston Villa. Part Four: Since Ellis’s Return. 

28 Mar 17

Ellis’s return to the Villa board, and as chairman, was perhaps fortuitous, yet his old sense of opportunism had been at work to make the timely move.

Management And Coaching At Aston Villa. Part Three: The Ellis Era 

27 Mar 17

In the autumn of 1966, the Board had rejected a shareholders’ offer for putting the club back on its feet and then resisted attempts by the Shareholders’ Association to install their own directors.

Management And Coaching At Aston Villa. Part Two: Hogan’s Legacy 

25 Mar 17

Fred Rinder had passed away at Christmas, 1938, and with he gone, and Hogan’s successful period at Villa coming to an end with world war arriving in 1939 (actually it is reputed that he was sacked as he lay in hospital with appendicitis…

Management And Coaching At Aston Villa. Part One: The Old Days 

22 Mar 17

There was a time when issues of coaching and management were not a main topic of conversation amongst fans, when the topic was simply about why had there not been more teamwork.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Wigan Atheltic 0-2 Aston Villa 

20 Mar 17

You always had to expect Wigan to put up a fight.

Can Villa Put the Sword to Struggling Latics? 

18 Mar 17

Aston Villa travel to the DW Stadium today to take on Wigan Athletic, who currently are 23rd, and seven points adrift from safety.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Aston Villa 2–0 Sheffield Wednesday 

14 Mar 17

Saturday the Villans took on another promotion contender in Sheffield Wednesday, and bounced back from the 1-0 defeat to Huddersfield Town earlier in the week with a 2-0 win.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Huddersfield Town 1–0 Aston Villa 

9 Mar 17

Aston Villa came up against a very good side Tuesday night when they traveled to John Smith’s Stadium.

Can Villa Make it Four? 

7 Mar 17

This evening, Villa travel to John Smith’s Stadium to take on third-placed Huddersfield Town.

Villa Making Very Hard Work of It 

26 Feb 17

Villa’s torrid run of results finally ended with a 1-0 win against visiting Derby, but if the product on offer left you cold, you wouldn’t be alone.

Watch Out Clark; The Villans Are Coming! 

16 Feb 17

Well, there’s a to-do.

Do We Have 11 Players, Or Do We Have A Team? 

11 Feb 17

The Express and Star reports: A total of five new players were expected to make their home debuts against Ipswich, including striker Scott Hogan who joined on deadline day from Brentford for £12million.

Steamer’s Final Event 

10 Feb 17

Quite incredible.

The Season’s Over Then? 

4 Feb 17

The end of the world has come it would seem: gloom, gloom, yet more gloom! Yet any gloom usually turns to light, so I am assuming we are going to see light – and plenty of it – when matters sort themselves out.

All Shoulders To The Pump, Now… 

28 Jan 17

Well, this has been a 10-day period of transfer action … and some action at that.

Will Preston Bring An ‘End’ To The Strike Dilemma? 

19 Jan 17

We are well into the third week of the transfer ‘window’, and still there’s no sign of reinforcements arriving.

RIP Gary Haddon AKA Steamer – Holte Ender in the Sky 

17 Jan 17

Regular readers of the blog’s comments will know by now that Steamer, aka Gary Haddon, has passed away.

Graham Taylor, R.I.P – Twice Villa Manager 

12 Jan 17

While he was associated with Aston Villa (and, indeed, with Watford) I shall always remember the jovial face and well-meaning demeanour.

Something’s A-brewing On Boxing Day 

23 Dec 16

Our sparring partners for the Boxing Day fixture happens to be a club that we have never before met in the league: Burton Albion.

When Necessity Raises Its Head… 

15 Dec 16

The honeymoon with Brucie went pop on that night at Leeds.

Grealish’s Late Winner Nets Villa Victory 

10 Dec 16

A week after losing a game Villa shouldn’t have, Jack Grealish scored a cracker in the 88th minute to salvage a frustrating afternoon against relegation-zone Wigan and get Villa back to winning ways, 1-0.

Villa Have No Intention Of Being Led By Leeds! 

30 Nov 16

I have no doubt that Leeds is a wonderful city, but why is it that over the last 100 years the city has been associated with more football irregularities than any other place? It’s about that length of time ago that the Leeds City club…

Bluebird Pie For Dinner This Saturday? 

23 Nov 16

Cardiff are up ‘ere on Saturday.

Seagulls, Crabs … It All Sounds A Bit Fishy! 

15 Nov 16

It’s always worthwhile to take a trip to Brighton.

Kodjia Brace Extends Villa Revival 

5 Nov 16

After a turgid opening half, Aston Villa finally came to life when Blackburn Rovers broke through early in the second to break a 0-0 deadlock and put the home side on notice.

Blackburn’s a-Rovin’ to Villa Park! Will it be their ru-i-in? 

2 Nov 16

Two great clubs from a different era meet this week-end, and since the Villa are playing Blackburn, it could be that Rudi is licking his lips! We’ve won 65, drawn 33 and lost 58 of our 156 previous encounters, and the last two home encounters…

Two on the Trot…Who Would’ve Thought? 

23 Oct 16

Well, it’s been a record-breaking week for Aston Villa: first away win in 437 days, first back-to-back wins in 17 months.

We Won! 

19 Oct 16

An away win at last.

Villa Scrape Lucky Draw and Steve Bruce Clearly Has his Work cut out for him 

16 Oct 16

Well, so much for embracing the challenge.

Next Up on the Villa Hot Seat: Steve Bruce 

14 Oct 16

Steve Bruce as the next Aston Villa savior is a done deal.

Is It Really Any Different After All, Post-Lerner? 

3 Oct 16

With news arriving this morning that Roberto di Matteo has been sacked there’s a real sense that the next step is key.

Doctor! Your Treatment Is Needed! 

2 Oct 16

“Results have gone awry! We must sack the manager!” That has been an all too-common cry of frustration from fans for the last 50 years, often egged-on by the media.

Time To Go, Roberto 

1 Oct 16

All last week, I wandered in limbo, swayed by arguments for and against regarding Roberto Di Matteo.

Villa’s Turn to Turn the Tables 

24 Sep 16

For once it was the opponent left ruing missed chances and Villa who grabbed a late equalizer as the Lions battled back to earn a 1-1 draw with visiting Newcastle.

You can’t please everyone … can you? 

19 Sep 16

“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Will the Doc’s Surgery Heal The Wound? 

1 Sep 16

The one thing that the previous owner of Aston Villa finally succeeded in doing was to transform 30,000+ Brummies into being totally miserable while at the same time putting grins on the faces of the fans of the local opposition.

That Sinking Villa Feeling 

28 Aug 16

Well, here we are again.

On Building Confidence – Stick With This Team & They Will Do Better 

17 Aug 16

After the game last night, if you’d been on Twitter, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Pierluigi Gollini should be dropped, Jordan Ayew should be sold to the next team who offered more than £5 and a packet of pork scratchings…

Rest In Peace Dalian – Forever A Villan 

15 Aug 16

It is with sadness that we are to report that former Villan Dalian Atkinson has passed away at the age of just 48.

How Big Will This Win Be for Villa? 

13 Aug 16

After six months’ waiting, Villa finally notched a competitive victory, beating Rotherham 3-0 in what seemed a fairly comprehensive fashion.

Isn’t It All About Caring – Or Is That An Old-Fashioned View? 

1 Aug 16

Well, a new campaign is about to start, Aston Villa emerging (we hope) from perhaps the bleakest period in the club’s history.

The Road Upwards But How Far Will It Take Aston Villa? 

30 Jul 16

With Aston Villa succumbing to a 3-1 loss in their final friendly against Middlesbrough, there is the potential for wondering for overreaction.